LINE REPAIR – Bio Satin Serum


  • heel herstellend
  • heel voedend
  • voor eczematische huid
  • voor heel droge huid
  • Olie-structuur


Infused with essential nutrients and vitamins.

The serum promotes smooth skin texture and improves elasticity, moisture and radiance. Restores, nourishes and calms.

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Vitamin C – delivers high antioxidant defense as well and plays an essential role in collagen synthesis. Promotes even skin tone and reduces skin pigmentation and age spots for a firmer, radiant, less wrinkled appearance.
Vitamin A – retinyl palmitate
Squalane – a light weight emollient with moisture properties. It absorbed easily and prevents water loss from the skin. Moreover, squalane helps to repair the skin barrier and to reduce redness.


30 ml